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Long before Prism Boutique first opened in the heart of Long Beach's historic Belmont Heights in 2013,

it was a vision in the mind of founder Dayna Mance. Since then, Prism has tripled in size and grown into a globally-recognized community of brands, artists, and customers.

Seeking out undiscovered makers, working with designers we love, and standing behind brands we believe in, as well as supporting other women in business are crucial to our mission.

Step inside Prism’s sun-kissed interior

and instantly feel transported. With a playful mix of vintage rugs and tapestries, greenery paired with original artwork, and custom handcrafted fixtures,  Prism Boutique is a reflection of Dayna's daydreams and a warm, inviting home for her expertly curated selection of clothing, accessories and homewares - locally made and from across the globe.

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“The sense of community that surrounds our store is pure magic, and the friendships that have flourished as a result mean the world to me.”

Dayna Mance Prism Boutique

Dayna Mance, Founder

Throwing caution to the wind -- and leaving a 10-year corporate career,

Dayna Mance opened Prism Boutique in 2013 on a sleepy Long Beach street. Flash forward to two remodels, two kids, and a team of nearly dozen women who power day-to-day operations, and today Prism is what Dayna always knew it to be: a living inspiration board for all the things she loves.

It’s been Dayna’s unwavering vision and commitment to our mission of supporting other small, predominantly women-owned brands, artists and makers and connecting them to our community that has made Prism the success that it is.

As Seen In:

Prism Long Beach

406 Termino Ave.
Open Every Day 11AM-6PM

Prism Yucca Valley

at Mojave Flea
55727 29 Palms Hwy.

Open Every Day 11AM-5PM

Prism Palm Springs

at Mojave Flea
383 N Indian Canyon Dr.

Open Every Day 11AM-5PM